TAKEOFF: Seeing Beyond the Clouds

Austin, a young boy, in a rough neighborhood, grows up to be a Senior pilot for Dal Airlines. After a buzzer goes off on his flight, some old emotions are triggered that cause him to make some tough decisions that could ruin his family. As if things weren't bad enough, a man enter's their lives that could not only ruin his marriage, but divide his family. Will he be willing to fight for his family, or go to prison for murder in the process? Or will he be so blinded by what he can see, that he goes deaf to his own family? Or maybe he'll be able to see beyond the clouds.


TAKEOFF: Rising Above

Takeoff Rising Above, pick up where the first one left off; this roller coaster of family drama, betrayal, suffering and even murder has the Jackson family scrambling in an effort to maintain some since of normalcy with their new found lives as celebrities. The career pilot must now fly his family out of the dangers of crashing into insanity. The only question is, will they crash- or will they Rise Above?


How to takeoff

How to Takeoff is the "How To" guide to Taking Off Into Your Destiny. In this book, Austin takes the reader on a flight; literally from the beginning and walks you through the steps in order to get your dreams, career, family, relationships to "Takeoff."

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