Known as the Takeoff Boss, motivational speaker Austin Jackson is just a 20 year old college student and one of the Top 20 Leaders in the State of Georgia (2014) and now one of the Chief Ambassadors on the SCLC’s next generation board (2016) who has a passion for flying. He’s had a dream of being a commercial airline pilot since his first flight at age 6. Austin was so determined to stop at nothing to make his dream become a reality that he wrote a book entitled, Takeoff: Seeing Beyond the Clouds, where his fictional characters take the reader on an adventure through the life of a young ambitious and driven pilot, with his overall message being, "Takeoff Into Your Destiny."


    Mr. Jackson really wants to make other people's dreams become a reality. With that in mind, he started a company, keeping the Takeoff theme, named “The Takeoff Superstore”, where he hires friends and exposes them to business, allowing them to now Takeoff into their destinies. They work well together to create new innovative ideas to inspire their peers to follow their footsteps and Takeoff.  So they created a clothing line, realizing the best way to make change was to impact the culture of society. Austin always brags about how he is “truly blessed to have a dynamic team that is willing to work this hard for other people.”


    He is constantly giving back to the community as a mentor to local Atlanta students, but also financially as a percentage of the proceeds go to an organization called Sheltering Books that donates books to homeless shelters around the country, and sends them to our troops overseas. And he supports a youth leadership training program, and a non-violence initiative to stop violence in disenfranchised communities. He is determined to help his peers learn how Takeoff and is starting an online community that he hopes to get into schools across the country to create what he calls, “A culture of motivation and inspiration for all people.”

The President/CEO

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