Why shop with us?

Besides our amazing customer service, our award winning network of partners and our amazing mission of changing the world... we have a heart. The reason you should shop with us is that your purchase changes lives. Below are some of the ways your purchases impact the community. 

Fueling the takeoff scholarship fund

With our scholarship fund, we will be allowing students from around the country the opportunity of an education. An opportunity that otherwise may not exist. Every time you shop at the Takeoff Superstore, the FTO Scholarship Fund benefits. In other words, every item, from every purchase, helps get students off the streets and into their studies.


Sheltering books

Ever heard of Sheltering Books? They donate books to homeless shelters and schools around the country, sometimes that means they even have to buy books. Well, a percentage of every book sold from the Takeoff Superstore helps to support their efforts in homeless literacy. 

Making little authors

This is a program created to help student understand the career of writing. Exposing them to the writing process and making them a real published author. Every product sold benefits our efforts to Make Little Authors .


Children's miracle network

Helping children is very important to us. Our CEO's cousin was diagnosed with bone cancer in the foot at only 6 years old. With that drive, we strive to make an impact; and through our networking we have already raised over $1,000! 

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