This is one of the most dynamic and goal driven teams in the country.

This entire company came from a conversation at school. It must have been about eight in the morning, and I looked over at A'Shaun and some of our other friends faces as we sat in the cafeteria awaiting the traitorous "Go to Clas" bell. Everyone's face reeked of a burning desire to break free from what felt like prison. At that moment, I asked everyone what they always wanted to be. Everyone gave me an answer, but something about everyone's answer was the same... they were waiting. Some were waiting to graduate, others their degree, but I was tired of waiting. I begin to ask myself why is it that we think we have to wait in order to be successful? Martin Luther King was young, Malcom X was young... granted older than us, but still they were young, so what makes us think that we have to constantly wait for what we want in life? My dream of being a commercial airline pilot made me think, that when the conditions are right, a plane takes off. In addition, just like a plane, we would too.  I was determined to make my dreams become a reality to be an example to so many that would always continue to wait for good things to happen to them. So I wrote a book to pay my way through flight school, but I struggled in giving it a title. Dream flight? Flying man? Then it hit me, “Takeoff.” After that, things would never be the same again. I created new opportunities and to help spread our message, partnering with LULU Press inc. and Spreadshirt Inc. Before I knew it, the Takeoff Superstore was born, with a new mission of Changing the World from Books to Clothes. I began looking for an elite team. People I could trust and depend on and that would hold me accountable and were hard workers. Well I did just that. This is the glorified, nice, sunshine version of our story, but it was also filled with pain. For behind the scenes inside looks into the Takeoff Superstore sign up for our mailing list so we can tell you the full story.

Summer Hayes

Summer is Takeoff's Chief of Staff. She is responsible for the small individual details that help our day to day operations flow as smooth as possible.






Stewart Jones

Stewart is our webmaster in charge of all of our websites and online technology. Since we are an internet company, he plays a crucial role in you all reciving the Takeoff experince.

A'Shaun Word

A'Shaun is the Exectutive Administrator for Austin, and assists Summer in keeping the team on a stedy pace to achieving our goals.

Ashley Riggins

Ashley is our Director of Communications who is in charge of all of our media contact and our social media.

Anais Ngongi

Anais is the newest member of the Takeoff Team. She works closley with Summer on product development to help equip our customers with what they need to "Takeoff."

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